Community Stuff

Here you’ll find information on upcoming family friendly events hosted by the church.  Check back often as we will be offering many different, unusual events and you might just find some helpful hints to put your family ahead of the rest in friendly competitions, or get a jump on items needed for an upcoming activity.


Another Johnny Appleseed In the Books...

The community celebrated another Johnny Appleseed Festival recently, and once again the church came together to make apple butter.  It really is fascinating to think about what goes into this particular project.  Members of the church plan and gather apples from whatever source, they come together to peel and core...Read More »

Full Armour

The Armor of God

10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood,...Read More »

What is the Opposite of Garbage In - Garbage Out?

More and more lately, when I sit down with my family to enjoy a quiet evening, I find myself drifting off to sleep.  It’s not that the show we are watching is boring, many of them are very action packed and interesting, it just seems like I don’t find them...Read More »

Workshop Review

This past weekend our church hosted a workshop called “Equipping For Ministry.”  It was very well attended by people from all over the district, in part because our new bishop was the keynote speaker.  She was a very engaging and inspiring speaker who talked to us about ‘Finding Your Why.’...Read More »

Family Movie Night for January 2017

Sheffield-Barnes United Methodist Church will be hosting another Family Movie Night on January 28th 2017.  We will be screening the movie “Facing the Giants” starting at 6:00pm.  All are invited to join us for this uplifting story about a losing football coach who turns to the best source of strength...Read More »

It's about that time again...Johnny Appleseed is coming

It’s Thursday morning September 29th and members of the church have been stoking fires and stirring pots since 3:00am.  Last night a group of us came in and peeled and cored apples for about four hours, literally until our hands were cramping up.  Later on today we...Read More »

What does "Discipleship" look like?

So what does “discipleship” look like?  In this particular example the face of discipleship has a whipped cream beard filled with Cheerios, Pretzels and Cheese Balls…and we called it Family Game Night!  “So how do silly games equate to discipleship?” you might ask.  Try and follow this train of thought..Memory...Read More »

Family Game Night Challenge #3 - A Sling and a Stone

This challenge is one of skill and teamwork.  Your team will need to be comprised of 3-6 people at a time.  The object will be to “sling” a small ball to your teammate(s) and catch it in a small laundry basket.  Sounds simple enough, right?!  WRONG!! The reason we said...Read More »

Family Game Night - Challenge # 2 Father Abraham's Beard

This is a very simple challenge.  One team member will assume the role of Father Abraham and will be given a “sizeable” whipped cream beard and placed in a chair.  The rest of the team will stand behind a set line and, one at a time, will begin tossing Cheerios at...Read More »

Family Game Night - Challenge #1: You are My Strong Tower

You’ve probably seen a cup stacking challenge before, but we are putting a team challenge on this one!  During the challenge your six members will be reduced to 3, each one will be building a 21 cup stack (6+5+4+3+2+1).  The catch is that each corner cup will be part of...Read More »

How Do We Judge Success? by R Bierbaum

That’s a pretty good question with a great number of possible answers depending on what criteria one uses to judge.  To look at our recent Open Door Dinner it would be hard to find a measure by which it wouldn’t be considered a great success.  We went into this first...Read More »